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We offer original redesigned furniture and accessories from the past century by maintaining their aim and uniqueness and – at the same time – we add freshness and playfulness of modern design. Every single piece is original.

When redesigning single solitaires we use both original and new techniques, in order to maintain functionality and timeless dimension of the piece, and also emphasise its beauty. We cooperate with furniture restorers, carpenters, upholsterers, designers, architects, and specialised professionals in their craft.


When we were looking for a new house in Bratislava – Old Town, we found two old armchairs. Somebody had left them next to the rubbish bins in one of the many courtyards of our city. Their owner gave them no second chance. We were sorry about that. Indeed, somebody in the past definitively dedicated their time to creating them (architect, designer, carpenter or upholsterer). They had been used for almost a century and they were visibly worn out. Nevertheless, their conditions were still optimal. After redesigning them we brought them back to life and now they are a unique element of our interior.

We are continuously aware that recycling is not only useful but also “timeless”. Old furniture and accessories can regain their original goal or get new functions, as unique design pieces. Each one of them has its own story. We are glad we can at least a little bit contribute to preservation of the works of old craftsmen, restorers, upholsterers, carpenters, and metal-working masters. This work does satisfy us a lot. It gives us a new dimension in something we like very much: interior design.


We also offer items in their original functioning status, destined to collectors or to all those who care about authenticity.

Due to their design and purposefulness, many pieces of furniture are unique and unavailable on the market. For this reason, we decided to prototype them in order to maintain their functionality and timeless design. By using trend materials we manage to create extraordinary and original design products.

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